Melodies of the
Island of Korčula

All the melodies on this album are performed by local singers and musicians. The tunes are produced for enjoyment and easy listening, at the same time the care has been taken to preserve the authenticity of the local style of expression.

Pruducer: Sandro Bačić


Musicians who performed tunes
  • Traditional dance

    2 passa

    Sandro Bačić and Vinko Didović

  • Traditional dance

    4 passa

    Sandro Bačić and Vinko Didović

  • St. Catherine song

    Dobra večer ovon kući

    Nikolina Mikelić, Marija Kapor, Žana Barović, Željka Radovanović and Sandro Bačić

  • Traditional song

    Ivanu Klakaru

    Niksa Radovanović, Josipa Dužević, Marija Kapor, Kristina Svalina, Vinko Didović and Sandro Bačić

  • Traditional dance


    Vinko Didović

  • Traditional dance


    Sandro Bačić and Vinko Didović

  • St. Martin song

    Martinova pisma

    Ivana Žanetić, Josipa Dužević, Marija Kapor, Rita Matulović and Vinko Didović

  • Christmas carol

    Na 'svit sveta Božića

    Stope, Elio Žuvela, Vicko Ivančević and Sandro Bačić

  • St. Anna song

    Od nebeskih sad zgor dvora

    Tonči Gatti

  • Traditional dance


    Sandro Bačić and Vinko Didović

  • Traditional song

    U Korčuli kolo krete

    Marija Kapor, Nika Silić and Sandro Bačić

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"Hi! I'm Sandro Bačić, producer of the album Korkyra Ethno and I look forward to your feedback."

Published by Nota Bene Croatia